An HP2 in India would be considered a poor choice by many if not all. The wisdom is ‘go small’. But you have to dance with the one that brung ya, so here we are.

One reason is obvious: the size. The few people I’ve spoken to who’ve ridden here were on small bikes and are small bike advocates. They would say the same thing about Indonesia, Java being to closest equivalent. But the HP2 thrived there. The power, the cut-and-thrust handling and the presence all played well. But where it will be very difficult is in the cities, and we haven’t done that yet.

The second reason is servicing. If something goes wrong that I can’t fix, the nearest practical help is Bangalore, 2936 kilometres away from were I am now.

The third is the HP2 overheats badly in hot stop/start riding. Of all the potential problems this bothered me the most. I wasn’t able to test it due to the incompetence of a BC mechanic back home. I’m pleased that the new megamoto radiator, installed at Alexmoto in Seattle, is running a full bar cooler. But we won’t know for sure until a big city

Here’s the new GoPro fitting report. I can now see if it’s on or off without having to use the remote, and the higher view angle is less ‘rider movie’. It vibrates in 2nd gear and shakes in the big bumps but I’ll get a small reinforcement, I’ve figured out, made at the first opportunity

The bike is running like a dream, fingers crossed, touch wood, and for the riding we’ve had here so far, specially the torn-up or non-existant roads, it’s been perfect. A 650, let alone a 250, would have been much harder, the HP2, back in Manipur and Nagaland, just doesn’t give a shit, but stay tuned for future reality checks.

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