road building

Since Hornbill there hasn’t been much in the way of cultural observations on the blog. A few reasons for this. 1) I’m not sure what I’m seeing yet 2) I see a hundred interesting things a ride day, but I’m not stopping because I have no feel for the ride lengths yet, and 3) I’m not settled in yet, so much to learn about putting one motorcycle travel foot in front of another here.

Surprisingly, so far most of what I see are regular people in regular clothes, but dirt poor. That’s maybe the nature of the 4 States I’ve travelled in so far. Ride and learn.

But here’s something I stopped to film. Same as in Myanmar, when a road needs to be built through your village or town it’s the women who do the bulk of the work, for extra money, and their husbands, fathers or brothers are doing their regular work elsewhere. Here the few men just dig and place the rock

Colorful. Excuse the shaky cameraman

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