to Cherrapunjee

This is where I stayed last night, above Umium Lake, in the pine forests. A great spot

The two day track

We’re in the state of Meghalaya now, south of Cherrapunjee and just 8 miles from the Bangladesh border.

A Google Earth of the area. Huge cleared valleys surrounded by mountains

We rode through the small capital, Shillong. The video below shows when I was moving and could lane-split some sections or was moving well (much of the time it was gridlock which makes bad video.)

If you’re following these, you know as much as I do as we go ahead!

The Shillong wiki

Lunch break. The usual: WB&C. I learned this lunch diet from climbing

A ciggy break before we got to the mountains and the big valley

Looking back at an escarpment we rode along

Then the valley

The view from my room

I’m going to see one thing tomorrow, then back into the thick of it.

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