2 good days to Bongaigaon

(1.18 and 1.19)

The 2 day track from Cherapunjee to Guwahati to Boingaigaon. The first day was a route reversal from going south to see the living root bridges

Since it was going to be a long day, and I had to ride through dreaded Shillong again, I set off at 7:00 to try and get through the previously gridlocked town before traffic started. It worked. Below is my post-Shillong relief stop, nice

Then another 80 miles to Guwahati, you’ve seen that video before.

But this day, a few miles south of Guwahati the air turned toxic. This was a sunny day and the shadows are blurred and muted

I made a small tactical error on the second day and didn’t fix a firm track into the GPS. I just used the ‘go to’ function. So on the below track you’ll see me reverse off the main road and follow then GPS’s idea, the shortest route by distance. It turned out to be a good mistake

It ended up being the best day’s riding in India or Mynamar yet. Not too many trucks and buses, a continuous string of villages, never having to stop except by choice, plus a hundred very cool things to look at, sometimes small maneuvering challenges, the right amount of density in a high-density country, not sure how many days like this I’ll get

And here’s a big welcome thing: the people have changed. My radar has been pretty well developed by a few places, although it could be better, and I recently left an area where I felt it was less than completely safe. If I had stopped like I have been in the last couple of days back in Assam, the audience would have felt less than welcoming. Here everyone so far is curious and welcoming

I chatted to these 2 old guys for 10 minutes

Then more joined in

I stopped here to watch a few minutes of a cricket match

The audience. They looked like high school kids

Awesome. haven’t watched cricket in years. I’ll try to watch a major game here.

Oops, I see I didn’t edit that video, I’ll trim it later.

Cops at the match

These kids chatted away in perfect English, more formal and correct than mine, with virtually no accent

Small hitch. There was fog outside the hotel this morning and I have a 7:00 start, when apparently it’s even thicker, and the longest India day yet tomorrow. Not looking forward to it!

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