keyboard update

Remember this, then this part 2, then this part 3 ?

It was interesting that sloshing a beer over my Mac received a huge outpouring of support, even greater than being refused at a major border, or having a serious trip-threatening electrical problem with the bike. As Steph Jeavons said to me a few weeks ago, it’s only about what people can relate to.

So, posts and general computer stuff is a pain still with space bar related typos all over the place. Some keys are like depressing your finger into potato chips, kindof a strange textured feel and noisy. Some are weirder than others. Here’s how it is

Yellow = slightly stiff and crunchy

Blue = very stiff and crunchy sounding, key doesn’t depress properly

Red = pretty much toast, can be made to work but have given up on them

What’s interesting is that you can guess where the beer was and the major point of impact before it flowed like a wave from right to left. I was pretty lucky, considering the whole keyboard was flooded.


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  1. Daughter #2,

    I can relate to this

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