2 days to Darjeeling

(1.21 and 1.22)

The 2 day track, Bhutan immediately to the north of most of that, Bangladesh to the south, we’re going through the gap into the big part of India

Day 1, Bongaigaon to Chalsa. As soon as it turned unpredictable (right away) I knew it wasn’t going to be pictures day, again. Just this one

No matter what you expect or hear, it’s completely different

Monkeys everywhere on day 2 once we left the main drag and headed into the hills

I thought about posting the monkey group sex pic, but this instead

Villages on the way

It’s all changing again, now prayer flags as we approach the big mountains

The day’s ride into Darjeeling, via the back way, and a climb to 7000′

Mangpoo road, in that

Tomorrow maybe more thoughtful stuff.

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