choo! choo!

The super-famous Darjeeling Himalayan Railway was opened in 1880 to carry tea for export. It’s narrow 2′ guage is also super-famous. Wiki Darjeeling Himalayan Railway


Here comes the steam engine!



Fill ‘er up!

The engineer’s stuff

The carriage was modern. The 10:00 train is for tourists

They had these perfect elasticated GPS holders on the back of the seats, a nice touch. I was the only one using it though

At Ghum, the turnaround point. We wait here for 30 minutes

The main event. Was epic!

The track

The famous spiral that gains the train elevation. The messy part of the track is me walking around as they let us out here for a few minutes

I have a lady friend in Vancouver who did this recently and said it was boring! Whoa! That’s why they don’t give little girls train sets for Christmas.

The Wiki link at the top is worth a quick scan.


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  1. Imma,

    Me encanto el tren de vapor! 😍 Me parecia increïble estar dentro de él y circulando… como los que compraba en Navidad a mis hijos y los encontraba hermosos!

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