Falcon Heavy 1

Remember this?  Powerful footage from 2016. I wasn’t sobbing, snot running down my face, as the SpaceX mission controllers were in this, but I was bleary eyed a bit

On Tuesday SpaceX will launch the most powerful rocket since Saturn V in 1973, and deploy a cherry-red Tesla, ready to go below, into a billion year orbit. But that isn’t the tough part

They’ll attempt to direct and re-enter all 3 drone-boosters. Two will land at pads at Cape Canaveral, and the main booster onto the much-loved drone ship ‘Of Course I Still Love You’ at sea. This is tripling down on an extraordinarily difficult feat.

A short version of what you need to know (at Wired) is here

The in-depth, and live chat, is at the subreddit here. This is where I’ll be on Tuesday, on the iPad, with a livestream on my laptop.

The SpaceX Falcon Heavy page here

You can watch the live stream on their site, but they haven’t posted the page yet, or links anywhere

The Russians already have their live link set up! So you can watch it here if you like.

Elon is not expecting success. He says anything could happen.

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