@ Peter Maass

(Until recently I’ve avoided blogging politics. But as the culture war becomes close-to-terminally extreme there’ll be the odd odd thing that strikes me and I’ll blog it. The posts will be marked with an @ so you can skip them, like this one.

I was catching up on pieces in the Intercept, a highly respectable lefty site run by Glen Greenwald. Unreasonable lefties and righties are a dime a dozen, so easily ignored, but you wouldn’t expect anything insane to appear (on the right) in the National Review, so I was very surprised at this in the Intercept, on movies and toxic masculinity.

Here’s the piece

Here’s the asshole author

Oh lament, brave Ulysses! You were wrong, all along!


(Anyway, beside his main point, his prime movie argument is willfully blind to the greater ‘masculine toxicity’ of the Taliban. He’ll give them a pass, progressively, ‘all things’ considered)

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