Falcon Heavy 2

Falcon Heavy’s launch delay by weather, prediction is 20%. February 6 13:30 – 16:30 EST.

HP2’s launch from here, weather delay 100%

Fog, again. The 70K road out off the mountains is very narrow and covered in trucks and buses. It can wait a day

So here I am, in a small but comfy room, having an egg curry for lunch, doing this blog. I missed a few days recently, I’ll attempt to not have that happen again, wifi permitted, this is a personal thing. Record an item a day. Social stuff can make it harder

That reminds me, I’ve got to do a food blog. Myanmar food was simpler, fresher and greener. I’m a little bored of curry variations. In a more decent place like this I can get an omelette for breakfast. That’s the closest you can get to basic. No stomach problems yet, I’m sure that’s coming.

So, to the most important thing coming up: Falcon Heavy

Some key information, headed by launch schedule, from Reddit

Elon’s downplaying mission success. A quote:

        “good chance it would not make it to orbit in its first launch”

I looked for odds out there, found this, but only a small sample

But the Redditors mostly seem to concur. They seem to be thinking along the lines of 60% to 70%. A breakdown example below

An excellent animation of the mission

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