druk sangag choling 2

We have a very interesting laptop problem. It’s having charging difficulties, although we’re back to 27% at the moment. In the worst case, resolution is only a week away. In the best case it resolves itself

I went back to the monastery for afternoon/evening prayer and set up the GoPro on a tall wooden chest behind me. This post will fill in later today.

Fog still.

Edit 5:35 pm. I have three video sections totalling about 47 minutes, the entire length of the event. I tried to upload the first but it’s just not happening at these average wifi speeds. I’ll upload them in Calcutta in a week (assuming the fog lifts in the nest day or two)


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  1. Anonymous,

    Hello Jeremy! How are you?
    Volviste al templo… 😊 ¡que bien! Estaré atenta a las imagenes (video)
    Yo llegué a casa el viernes aunque todavia estoy un poco en la Índia. La primera noche me desperté pensando que aún me encontraba allá (Índia) 😃
    Te veo.
    Un abrazo grande!!!

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