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Last post from the north. I didn’t go into the Sikkim for reasons you’ll read a few weeks from now. The ride to Calcutta over a few days is battle-stations the whole way I hear, but interesting as always! Very early starts…

So this is the first urinal I’ve seen in over 3 months. I bring it up because Harvit said he hadn’t seen one either, in 9 weeks in India. It’s beautiful

Here’s Harvit. He checked into the hotel like any of the few Indian guests, or any guests for that matter, and said something like “Hi there” in a Canadian accent. Penticton in fact, born and raised. Yup.

He’s here for the second visit, the last one when he was a baby. He’s been here solo for 9 weeks. Good guy. Canucks fan. We had plenty of interesting conversations about India, his perspective was enlightening.

One night we go to the only pub in Darjeeling. Joey’s, owned by a nice local lady

We met 2 white people there, posh English kids, Eddy and Florence, fresh out of University and at the end of a 3 month project in a village close to here. I forget the details because we went looking for Darjeeling ‘tea’ and got lucky within 30 minutes

Buddhist riders here tie some ribbon or scarf around their bars somewhere for luck

A guy, with this bike, who works at the hotel and washes his 150cc bike everyday gave me some appropriate ribbon

A tad pissed that I didn’t post more, and gave up on some content, but the Jio/cell phone signal/wifi will improve tomorrow in time for ride videos, theoretically.


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  1. Wow! A urinal. That is pretty exciting news. And those white guys are a bad influence on you.

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