three buildings

But first

So I have a friend, on her first moto adventure, in Laos. Two girls on scooters jumped out in front of her when she was on a scooter, not her bike, and they had a crash. She’s mostly fine. Here’s blood they drew out of her puffy knee.

Also, passed through Kumartuli, the traditional potters quarter

Building 1: Victoria Memorial. Build by Lord Curzon (husband of Lady Curzon, who organized the establishment of Kaziranga Reserve) after the death of Queen Victoria in 1901. It now houses various galleries. A good but not excellent showing. Spectacular building, built out of the same white limestone as the Taj. No cameras allowed inside. See wiki

Building 2: Dakshineshwar Kali Temple. A more up-scale Kali Temple. Frantic inside. No cameras allowed inside. The wiki

Building 3: Espanade Mansions. Now a wreck. Built in 1910 for a Jewish real estate magnate. My favorite building in Calcutta. See article

It’s really hot. 93 going to 96 in a few days. But I’ll be gone by then. It’s a few degrees cooler in Bangalore, my next major destination.

That’s it for today. Out tonight and a big day tomorrow.

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