WOTB, new theme

So we had a small screw up on our plan south and we’re here for another 24 hours.

Finally, circles a good distance apart as we hit highways to get south. I always start on a paper map

MAGA pen!

No, not true, I just said that ’cause I’m not fully emerged from being in full, 100%, troll-mode after the week’s Canada fail. It’s a pen from a.k.a. Boomerang Carnets.

Nice to get some tracks done before the biggest push yet on this leg

So, since I’m delayed a day, I needed a blog post.

So I’ve put together 3 60’s Motown/World of Tanks videos because I’m pretty sure that hasn’t been done before, lol

Tonight’s match is all about correct angling to bounce shots, and about getting shells below the curve of the lower mantle of the killer T110E3

So, video #1: Just Walk Away Renee, the Four Tops


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