to brahmapur

The track

This is the important thing: the Google Maps time estimate I look at before I leave, every time

6 hours 38 minutes for 360km. About 54kph average. Because I go very fast when I can, I can knock an hour off that. But I stop once an hour to hydrate and take a stimulant (a ciggy works well here), so the 6 1/2 hours was about right.

The traffic was insane as we passed through 2 merged cities, Cuttack and Bhubaneswar, that brought everything to a crawl before, during and after, for 150k’s. Brutal, not fun in the heat. But OK as we never came to a complete stop, other than at lights or traffic cops.

I lost all my day’s video last night. I watched iMovie recognize all the files, then went brain-dead and failed to import them because I was tired. Then cleared the GoPro. No biggee, it was just a mess of chaos anyway. I won’t repeat the mistake.

A couple of stop scenes. Bike to the right of the haystack

There are always people checking the bike out. The kid played with the GPS when I was taking this. Indians don’t recognize boundaries at times, which is OK once you know what to except. Like hotel employees taking the bike cover off to have a look when you’re not around, and putting it back tidily as found. This happens all the time because they don’t think it’s weird. So no problem

The sea was nice but man, it was hot

3 seashells

I changed my mind this morning and took the day to do a couple of things, but also because my room had a bath and my suit needed cleaning. It was gross

The soapy cycle

Rinse cycle

Dry cycle

(that suit series was a how-to for my more neanderthal long-distance-riding brothers and sisters)

Stories about this area in 2 days.

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