to visakhapatnam

The day’s track, and decent videos below to make up for a poor blogging performance yesterday

OK, the last time we’ll post this exercise, but it might be useful for riders coming this way. Although zero gringo riders come this way. The Google maps says 286K in 5 hours 11 minutes, so again 54kph, despite most of it being a sort of highway

The results, off my GPS. Overall average was 52.5kph with total stopping time of 1 hour exactly, and only 9k’s shorter. The math doesn’t work

Along the highway, between Gopalpur and Visak, the villages are mostly like this

and this

These guys, I don’t know yet wtf. I’m learning, but it comes at you fast and different everytime

It was Hanuman, the monkey god, the whole way, every temple. I may have met someone who can help me with why this is, and other questions I have. Will report back

It was super hot today again but the humidity has dropped a bit.

This is a little longer at the beginning, but it’s an informative tour of the seaside town of Gopalpur, population 6700, so you get to see the whole thing. The rest is representative of the whole ride

And here’s a very special thing, a wedding procession outside one of the poorer towns. This is the first event of three. The next is in the evening, a feast, and the marriage in the morning. I have a feeling the groom is the shorter guy at the very beginning with the cloth on his head, I couldn’t figure out who the bride is. If you have an idea, post it in the comments

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