into Bangalore


Track from Srikalahasti to ‘KR’, on the outskirts of Bangalore

It was an excellent small country road most of the way. Just the killer buses and trucks to worry about

This guy’s in a lot of pain

Saw this, looked a bit like Joshua Tree

Walked towards it. A trident, so either Shiva or Kali

Boots off

A closed door, bolted but not locked. I reckoned I wouldn’t risk a karma smiting so left it alone

At the bottom

Later, shared the shade with a dog

Bangalore. 12.3 million people, the Silicon Valley of India.

Grabbed from Google maps just now, 6:36 p.m., millions stuck in gridlock. The beast

A news image

From Reddit’s Bangalore page

“…even Satan wouldn’t wish this level of punishment”

But this is best, and why I have this feeling about India I’m coming to like a lot

So that’s why I stopped on the outskirts. To ride in pre-dawn. The track

The start

It was still busy.

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