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The nice thing about eating rice with your fingers in Laos, for instance, is that it’s served up in little baskets usually about the size of a softball and it’s a sticky firm mass. Easy for gringos.

Way harder here, when this shows up. You put some of the middle sauces and mixes on the rice, mix it in with your fingers, and move some to your mouth. But it’s super-difficult because after you’ve put your mix in, it doesn’t clump. It’s a loose mess. The secret is in the shape you make your first three fingers and the speed and arc you move with. Very very tricky

On the subject of street food, you know what I miss? In Myanmar, everyday we ate roadside in a small village because they came frequently. And everyday, no matter how poor the village (they’re all poor) the food was fresh, well and simply cooked and the tables clean and laid with bowls.

If you want to eat well from corner to corner of a country, I was just thinking, Myanmar does it better than anyone. 10/10

And also, the best meal of my long life was in Myanmar (wow! this is my first embedded map, have to figure out how to tweak the alignment, but cool) here:

The place

Mexico, different, but second in the world so far. Sometimes you want to find a hotel near a street vendor you just ate at and never leave. 8.5/10

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