on the way to the camera repair shop…

Finally, a chance to get my beloved Sony RX100 fixed, and the outing delivered, as India does, in spades.

Here’s the destination. On this street it was hard to find: We had no address, because there probably is no address, and the street and side alleys seemed to go on forever, and the businesses are stacked 3 high. Fantastic, glorious even, but unhelpful

So I abandon the tuk tuk at a roundabout and enter the electronics area. A float is tangled up in the overhead lines (yay! yet another layer of drama) and because people are bottlenecked, a band entertains. Then the drummer looks ’round, he sees the gringo, and goes. Volume up

Go India! But they already know that. You can’t move around this place, so far, without picking up on the optimism.

Mata Camera is here


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    I’m really enjoying your blog. Clare xo

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