gcvg 1, bangalore

Bangalore Airport. Big, modern and extremely efficient, despite the high security

Youngest daughter arrived this morning (YVR/HKG/BLR) at 12:45, 2:00 am by the hotel. There’ll be 2 1/2 days to recover before travelling from here, using Bangalore as a base.

Up, keenly, this morning to Ragigudda Anjaneya, the Hanuman temple, by tuk tuk

As usual, no photography inside. There’s a school for poor children attached. Miss G is mobbed by young girls and asked by that boy if she wanted to play Frisbee

Then tuk tuk into the maw to do that thing that picks the spirits up: shopping

To Chickpet

Where most of the local ladies buy their saris, bodices and garments

It’s here

Popped our heads into a weaver

A vast number of silk threads in warp and weft

The highest-end shop we could find

A heavy bag of silk

Then, wasted after just a couple of hours sleep, back for a nap.

Later off to Bangalore’s first microbrewery/pub. Rather cheesily named The Biere Club

Only 4 beers on tap tonight. I had the wheat, my usual favourite in YVR. Very good, about equal to the wheat at my local pub in Yaletown. G had a lager and thought it was a bit sweet

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