gcvg 2, bangalore

J: The biggest temple in Bangalore is ISKCON Sri Radna Krishna Temple. It’s new, built in 1997. The interior is beautiful and the presentation of the deities spectacular, but after some of what I’ve seen a bit of a disappointment. Great building though, with the architecture typically southern

G: H had given me a lesson on Krishna right before I left so felt as though I had an ounce of knowledge going in, bought a pocket size Bhagavad-gita in the gift shop (which spanned 10x the actual deities themselves)

J: Everyone is making a fuss about Miss G with her blond hair. Lots of selfie requests and constant attention. Tourists appear to be long gone because, despite riding ’round town and walking the markets we only saw one other Caucasian all day

G: *Superstaaar*

J: This is the Bangalore tuk tuk experience

G: *flinches*

J: Commercial St. We walked this for an hour. Not quite as intense as Chickpet, but really fun

J: After a lunch in the business district we went to check the bike, since there’s quite a bit to be done while we’re away

J: Then off to the Bangalore Brew Club. It’s a 5 minute walk from our hotel and on the top floor of a business tower

J: That white building is our hotel and the roof terrace is where we hang out, and where the hawk videos on this blog were shot from

J: Gemma starts with a beer/spirit hybrid which disappears before I even notice it’s gone

G: Dad didn’t even notice my cocktail as he was too busy running around capturing photos of the space… or at least that’s the story I’m sticking with. 

J: We suspect that as fancy as Bangalore is, this microbrewery won’t have flights, but wrong, they do. Here’s Gemma appraising their ales

G: *knows nothing about beer, attempts to think of adjectives to describe beer… fruity?*

J: Cricket on the screens. We should be going to a live game in a week, and hoping for a Canadian-style bench clearing brawl but this is a gentleman’s sport, so maybe not


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  1. Anonymous,

    Very cool to be beer tasting in India.

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