gcvg 3, bangalore to varanasi, barely

J: G tonight

G: Got to witness Dad have his first unhappy moment of our trip today. Left for the airport with zero buffer for traffic as it was a Sunday, and our hotel assured us it would be plenty to make our flight. Apparently they had failed to realize the provincial government was having some sort of hoopla, and so the people of that political party from all of Karnataka would be pouring into Bangaluru (the capital) at the same time we were exiting.

G: A few 10 minute standstills and we got free of it, but had tens of kilometres to our right of standstill… apologized to our driver in advance as he would have to come back this way… and also for pulling out some Ryan Gosling style driver moves to get us to the airport on time.

G: Since Dad was worrying enough for the both of us, letting his mind wander to what would happen if we missed our flight and imagining all the horrible repercussions, I decided to ignore him and the fact that we were doubling the speed limit and relax to some Willie Nelson and a sudoku.

G: The entrance to the “Palace Grounds” as the civilian members of the party poured in.

G: Arrived in Varanasi in the dark, we somehow made it on the flight even though we got to the check in 2 minutes after it had closed.

Dad posed a question wondering if we had been extremely unlucky or extremely lucky today.

Either way, we made it!

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