buying posting time, behind because

J: Well, today, back in Bangalore, we had a change of plan. No way can we get up at 3:45 am for a 6:10 flight tomorrow to our next destination. We’re wasted. So we had to shuffle everything around, get new flights and adjust hotel bookings. Not hard at all usually, but this is India, and things that are arranged like to stay arranged just as they are. But done now.

G: All done with very little effort by myself.

J: So here’s a fun video, since the blog won’t be updated today. This is normal Varanasi after 7:30 pm. Check for the bouncing baby starting at 0:31

G: re video below, I feel like I’ve heard so many people talk about their “bad parent” moments, hopefully this puts some minds at ease… babies are meant to bounce, right?

J: More babies. My motofriends can skip this one

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