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(very short update)

A horrendous start out of Bangalore, up at 3:45 am.

Arriving in Jaipur at 10:30, very busy

J: It is very very hot. The weather online says 38/39, accuweather says 39/40 but I find that hard to believe. I’ve been above 40 twice, once in Chiapas, Mexico, and once in Australia, and this feels way hotter. There’s no way you can venture out between 2 and 5.

A short tour of the Pink City

Lots like this

G: One of the textbook pictures I had seen in my research of Jaipur, which is in fact – just a facade with no actual building behind it.

J: We headed off to the Amber Palace. A touristy elephant ride to the top. There were hawkers everywhere and hundreds of white tourists. It was hard work keeping them out of the shots.

Which went like this. It was slow fun.

View of the town in the valley bowl, surrounded by a battlement along the hilltops enclosing the entire valley

Here’s a famous thing, often used in MC Escher books to illustrate one of his influences

Which led to this

A pond below with water buffalo cooling off. It’s very hot, limiting our day to about 4 hours in the morning and 4 in the evening

Small temples with monkeys, cows and pigs


Why not

J: Jaipur is famous for its jewelry. We went to the top manufacturer to get a small piece. G tried on a necklace priced at a million $US. He had another like it in rubies. They sell these for weddings. Tons of money here.

G: Not seen: me pooping my pants as somebody informs me $1,000,000.00 is on my neck.

Jaigagh Fort

G: This area was filled with water previously, so that as the cannon (biggest on wheels in the world) was set off the person could run and jump in… hopefully saving themselves from any repercussions of the cannon. It was only ever fired once, at a distance of 20 miles, as a test.

J: A beautiful skytop garden. Used in Bollywood movies. If you’re wealthy enough you can rent the whole fort.

G: This is the future location of my future wedding, thanks in advance, Dad!!

The view down to Jaipur, roasting in the heat

Somewhat like El Alto, Bolivia, but without the fighting Cholitas

On another hilltop, a huge Air Force radar installation

In this fort they had s single tourist thing. This is how Justin-the-idiot should have done it, and stopped. G was resistant but quickly warmed to the idea

“OK Justin, pick up that sword, pajama boy”

“Yay Dad! Boo pajama boy!”

A mongoose


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    Looking good guys! Haha 🙂 It seems strange to me that it’s so hot there in April. Strange.

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