jaipur 2

So here I am, back on the roof of the hotel in Bangalore

Miss G touched down at Heathrow an hour ago, half way home. We were up again this morning at 3:45 am to get to the airport. Early morning flights out of Bangalore are rough. But G commented on the same thing I’ve noticed: the airports and flights here run with impressive precision

Jaipur was, as I warned G might happen, a survival story. It’s a city of stone structures and the heat radiated off everything. You stand in the shade and you got cooked anyway.

Some we did what the other tourists did and ventured out for 4 hours in the morning and 3 or 4 hours at night. G spent a lot of time in the hotel pool.

The Jaipur monuments were beautiful, like the Royal Palace

The astronomy observatory

Gatore Kichatriyan

And the walk at dusk up the hill to the Hanuman temple

Walking around town

And we learned some history.

Despite all of that, Varanasi more than made up for Jaipur, and G and I had an unexpected, spontaneous and fantastic holiday. And she goes back tan, well fed, but will probably sleep for a week.

That was probably the briefest wrap up ever done, but now at this end things get serious as the ride changes gears entirely and I get buried in logistics.

p.s. this was creepily metronomic, from my hotel room window:

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