and so…

After G went back, I dove into my new project. But I’ve barely left my hotel room.

I’m decamping from India, the rainy season is almost on us here, and moving to a new location. A secret, until I get there, about another 10 days, assuming no other complication arises.

My new destination, and the route, are planning intensive. I’m deep in shipping stuff, map data, rules and regulations, and applications. Plus there’ll be a big gear change.

I’m really looking forward to it.

I have a good idea about how I’ll return

The next 3 to 5 months here will be monsoon, and there’s another way to paint the big picture. But more than anything else, I want to really ride again, in a bigger way.

So, route drama ahead.


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  1. Ohhhh you are leaving india? Where are you going next?
    Have a safe trip

  2. Anonymous,


  3. Anonymous,

    Do you KNOW what a Viking is?!

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