see my ring?

I’m in Bombay (Mumbai), on my way to see these guys. That’s Mustafa on the left, of Seeco Shipping

So, in the cab, on the way there

The driver says he knows an amazing suit shop I should stop at. LOL! He probably makes 10% commission for everyone he drops off. I’ve been through this countless times and think to share a pitch with you. It was also a good exercise learning to how to trim a voice memo in Quicktime, exported from my phone, and import it to the blog. This guy is typical, and awesome

So many stories to tell, so much to catch up on. It’ll happen shortly. I love India.


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  1. Anonymous,

    write more. please.

  2. Buy that scarf for your wife!!!

  3. Anonymous,

    a whole month without an update? what’s up?

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