on the farm

Next day, Marika, her husband, Willy and I go out to inspect the sheep at 2 stations, a few miles apart.

Leaving the main road, a universal image

Off we go

Willy and I are now bff’s

The new floppy hat. Here’s the Australian attitude from a couple of years ago: cheery

And the Namibian attitude. German and Afrikaner: serious

That badge is the Namibian flag. It shares the colours of the bold and beautiful SA flag.

Anyway, the sheep have come in from their daily wandering on the farm and patiently wait to get to the water trough in groups of about 20

Here they go. Man are they thirsty. Really good sound effects here

Marika and her head keeper inspect them

Then, somehow, they get them running around them

Then, the guy stops them and readies himself to grab one they’ve identified for inspection

Then they have a close look, not sure what for

It may be a good time to mention what unskilled blacks make in Namibia. I only have a couple of examples. The above fellow earns $US125 a month. I double checked the number, 1700 rand.


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  1. imma casacuberta masgrau,

    Wow! Are you on Namibia? Good!!!

    Sorry, my English is very bad…. then… I’ll continue with Spanish…

    ¿Como estas? Veo que sigues explorando el mundo, el planeta Tierra…

    Pura expansión! 😊 Esto es fantástico!

    Yo estoy organizando algunos talleres de trabajo corporal, no gran cosa aunque para mi suficiente.
    El otro día estuve en el concurso de “castells” en Tarragona -castillos humanos- y pensé en ti, como alguien a quien que te gustan las tradiciones de los pueblos, en éste caso el pueblo catalán.

    Así que, desde Catalunya, te mando un abrazo bien grande!


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