on r/irl, it’s wednesday

Don’t ask me how I know this, but this is almost the defining and most durable meme on r/irl. I’ve sortof been tracking and collecting internet memes, a casual interest, for about 3 years. Brilliant memes, and there have been a few, are a kind of super-branding. The advertising industry could pay more attention to the added dimension they bring to messaging, and the commitment they have from the targeted audience. Although they probably are already.

Anyway last night there was a huge storm across the desert from the west. It was like this

Afterwards, the unexpected and rare event (there are not supposed to be heavy rains before January) brought out all kinds of small wildlife.

So here’s the branding meme from r/irl

Brilliant. If you have a nicely balanced personality, you won’t understand why.

And look at this, the same toad/frog (not sure which) that got into the room last night

Here’s another pic

You see that red blotch on the right rear leg? I think it’s an egg cluster

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