Another bug that found its way into my room was this gorgeous centipede. It’s the red-headed centipede (Scolopendra morsitans). Big, about 5″

Here’s a YouTube of someone handling one

After the rain, I walked to the local river to see the flow, since it was dry a day earlier. In the rocks I found this

It was still and I wondered if it was alive, so I poked it. Then it did this

It’s one of the 22 members of the genus Archispirostreptus, the African giant millipedes. The largest grows to 15″. Apparently they’re sold as pets. This fellow was about 8″. According to wiki it has 256 legs.


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  1. This is so gross that I’m going to need to not check your blog for a few weeks so I can have some buffer posts and this one is on the next page.

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