shongololo, again

So the rains continue to force the wildlife inside. As luck would have it, we discovered a shongololo escaping the kitchen. It’s a small one, about 6″. A fantastic animal.

Then first video shows how the body articulates as it navigates a small step

This shows the feet

It was a bit dark and only had the iPad at hand.

But back to the rain storm for a sec. As it turns out this is the first time the Hudup River has seen water in October since 1972. All around, the roads are in bad shape. Here’s a shot Marika sent me, from the road from Helmeringhausen I travelled a couple of weeks ago. Btw, this is a typical guided tourist vehicle. About 70% of the tourists are from Germany, some self-drive. 25% from South Africa, in their own very capable vehicles. A few from France, a few from Australia. No noticeable Brits, Canucks or Yanks so far, through this village

Here’s the Hudup from the morning after

And here it is, just out of town, dry, from Google Earth


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