filler post

I’ve edited all the photos and we’re ready to start uploading and writing. Yay.

So here’s a nonsense post, just to get back into the habit.

Two gear things. We’ve had the first RoK Strap failure for 6 years 2 months. It was the webbing half that broke. The bungee half looks good as new. Simply UV’d through. That’s Namibia: radiation

Also, the rubber protective seal/rim on my helmet was loosening. So, a cheap glue gun, a few beers, and presto. My room clothes-drying-line (20′) holds it all together

It’s a Moto helmet because I’m in an ADV-aesthetic rejection period. I think my friend Steph J is a bit like this, I’ll ask her.

Talking about riding in Namibia, there are horses, donkeys and mules everywhere in the country. If a family can’t afford a car they have a buggy. They vary in quality, much as cars do. For instance, here’s the most basic with donkeys or mules (I can’t tell the difference). These people live in the tin ghetto outside of Maltahohe

Here’s the fanciest one I’ve seen yet, with horses, crossing the bridge in town

Here’s a cool buggy video below. The next street over from Main Street, Maltahohe, lol. No one there could figure out why I liked it so much. Technically it’s a shithole and no resident would argue. Its sister village on the planet is tiny God Forsaken Camooweal, Australia, which I really liked too.

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