before Windhoek

Still more stray photo anecdotes

Here’s a western looking outdoor cafe in Windhoek (the capital city). It’s pretty much the only one. It’s surrounded by office buildings and wealthier civil servants and Chinese doing business here (there are many) hang out in the shade. Namibia, being a little hostile to habitation only has 2.6 million people. So this is a busy place

I’ve done a couple of round trips to Windhoek, at 260 miles each way, for a few reasons. There’ll be a longer Windhoek post soon.

This is an interesting town on the way there. Rehoboth. Many of the houses are architectural and pristine. It turns out that the town is mostly coloured (mixed race) people, and they’re the planning and execution behind Namibia’s building trade, and the structures are their personal skills advertisement, each doing one thing or several very well

This mansion is a very dark grey/blue and the a/c just be going overtime. He’s not the services expert

Also on the way to Windhoek are baboons. Here the dominant male scouts the route ahead

He signals an all clear and a huge family follows

Also on the way are the first termite mounds we’ve seen here. Not as dense as amazing Australia, which is quite like Namibia in some ways. The biggest ones grow with tall scrubs. I’m not sure why. Maybe shade

Here’s another

*Note: I’ve just corrected a few post-post typos here. Please keep in mind that I like to post in the evening, with beer in hand. If I’m doing a long post or several, a few beers have gone down and the error catch rate goes to near zero. Although after 6 years I’m sure you’ve figured that out.

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