the weavers

Willy and a farm owner’s guide drove me a couple of Peace Corps people off to some dunes at the base of the escarpment an hour away from town

That’s where we’re headed. Not much sign off the rains that came. It’s hot, about 36C

Zebras. The main population here are shorter, stockier mountain Zebras. There are lots of stories about how strong and stubborn they are.

Oryx race in front of us

To my favourite thing, a social weaver’s nest, right on the dune margin

It’s a gorgeous setting

I spend a few minutes scouting for a resident Cape Cobra as a colony this large should have one

Looking up at the entrances. So cool

We drive back to another couple of nests as the sun sets. There’s a smaller nest in the little tree to the left. I guess the more anti-social social weavers live there. That’s where I would live too I thought

The birds are busy at sunset. You can see how tiny they are in the video below

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