So there’s a guy I know very well, my age, Canadian in fact, who’s riding the same track I am. He put this together. Now, you’d have to be crazy to smoke pot in many countries. Some, like Indonesia, will send you to the big house for years. Some, like India, are more tolerant. Some (Latin America for example) you can bribe your way out of trouble if you’re carrying a small quantity. There are online travel guides.

Anyway, here’s how it went:

Comment: Incredibly fragrant and retro, though really fun. Was like the 70’s. Lots of seeds.
Source: Wandering a likely street, asking hipsters, with 3 friends after a few beers, only took 30 minutes.
Cost: Dirt cheap for a huge quantity, see below

Comment: Stems and seeds. Pretty good, though not damaging.
Source: Path of least resistance, asked a tuk tuk driver. Next day delivery.
Cost: Got ripped off, but still a small fraction of home pricing

Comment: Dryish hash. Disappointing, though adequate. Was not possible to overdo.
Source: Asked a rickshaw driver, 5 minute drive
Cost: Cheap

Cape Town
Comment: Dry, seedy, fragrant. A little went a long way.
Source: Taxi driver, next day delivery
Cost: Moderate

Comment: Despite the stems and a few seeds, this was dangerous stuff.
Source: Taxi driver, same day delivery. Apparently stolen from a government facility.
Cost: 50 rand per mini ziplock

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