situation 1

This is a pic from the web of Chief’s Island, Okavango Delta. One of the top several wildlife destinations in Africa and probably the most famous

I need to get from 1, Maun, below, to 2, Chief’s Island

There are difficult 4X4 tracks that will disappear with the coming rains. And there’s a small airstrip. The other way is by boat. I have a fast boat and driver lined up for the 12 hour return ride. But now we need rain as there are dry spots on the route.

Here’s the forecast for the next month, not good. But cooler

But the forecast changes daily, so we’ll see.

Random stuff:

I’m taking my malaria pills. I can’t believe I’m doing this. I’ve ignored them everywhere so far, but apparently it’s a big deal now

Here they are, 6 months worth

I walked to the river beach that’s crocodile free on Christmas Eve. I even had my swim shorts under my jeans, feeling enthusiastic. I was the only white boy. There were a lot of great things to photograph, but I left the little Sony in my pocket unless I had cover

It was nice

And some of this, later

I’m working on another river post with lots of birds, but I need to get out again to get a better shot of my favourite. But here’s a little bird from the bar 2 days ago

The bar. I take my laptop here in the morning when it’s empty

We’ll tell you about Situation 2 tomorrow.


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  1. God Jul! Interesting you think African women are best.

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