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I’ve been going very slow or not moving for months and there’s an excellent reason for that to do with a couple of friendships.

Removed some stickers from the panniers. I keep trying to remove them all but I freeze at these last ones. The top left red one was given to me by the leader of a scooter club in Indonesia, so it has high gift value. The white motomavericks sticker is CJ and John’s. They’re from Vancouver and are the among the world’s boldest distance duos and good friends. Ms S and I got the CARP (Club Atletico River Plate) sticker after watching River beat Quilmes in Buenos Aires, so it’s sacred. The “OM” sticker was from China. Andrew and Jamil found it when I was off doing something else, so high gift value. The Bolivian sticker was from the ride group I met in Peru who gifted me my first ride coca, and I told them I would ride their sticker around the world for them, a weird commitment but we were pretty high at the time.

The CDN sticker is required by law in Africa.

So all the flags are gone, yay

I was in town yesterday and saw this hippo in a field. An unusual event within city limits, so that was cool

So, this morning in paradise, I walked along the river to see what the fisherman were catching

Two species. This

and this. I want to get this post out before lunch so haven’t identified them yet

Oh yeah, I washed my riding suit in the tub. Here’s the water colour. Not so bad for a couple of months. It would be like this in India in a week, really.

Back to the bike, my Tractionators are leaking air. The front more than the rear, about 2 pounds a week. I was so surprised by this originally I thought my pencil gauge was faulty. So I went out and bought another, this electronic one. Looks bogus, but it has a CE stamp, so it must be reasonably accurate. It’s light, less than my metal pencil gauge

And here’s my micro Aerostitch compressor to reinflate. It’s 6.5 years old and as good as new. It hasn’t done a lot of work in Africa so far. But (sometimes super old people like me are slow to change) I would get one with a pressure gauge next time, if I could find one nearly as light and small. Probably doesn’t exist

Big post next.


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  1. Steph Jeavons,

    I see you removed my sticker no trouble πŸ™‚ Ha ha! I’ll remember that! πŸ™‚

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