Delta exploration

Until the truck is finished I’ve been doing day trips

Here are a few GPS tracks in one area I get to without overnighting. I do the blue one below regularly, it has 4 dodgy bridges and has 2 of my favourite lagoons

My favourite lagoon. Hippos are photogenic

And here’s one route I’ve planned for when I can go out for a couple of days

I look at a possible line (those shown on my OSM map often don’t exist or are grown over, or are flooded) on Google Earth and take a screen grab and print important points to take with me, like below

Sometimes nothing works out:

And sometimes they’re established routes, like this one from Moremi park:

A GoPro mount came with my shipment (stuff I can’t get here) from Vancouver. I’ll be making videos of routes to post here


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  1. Anonymous,

    Hippos look scary. How much do they weigh?

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