blog reboot

I’ll be posting something everyday, starting today, day 8 of lockdown here in Botswana. It’s an additional to a fattening new routine.

I’ll try to be completely spontaneous and write and paste whatever comes to mind when I open up a new window here.

Here’s a gecko from maybe a month ago. It suddenly appeared from under the hood and froze, glueing itself (tummy scales assisting) mid-windshield. I grabbed a quick photo and pulled over. Instead of scampering off the left side towards the vegetation, it ran straight up over the roof. I haven’t been able too identify the species

And here’s a monster, waiting in ambush for insects attracted to my living room light, here in Maun

The most geckos I’ve seen at once was here, in Palenque, Mexico, on April 16 2013

At the waypoint top-left, below. I was doubling back from Guatemala through Chiapas, Tobasco and Campeche, before heading south again, after a few months learning Spanish in Antigua

That was a long time ago, but on the same adventure.

It’s raining here in Maun today

The forecast

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