Bots on lockdown day 9

Regarding the virus in Botswana, here’s the good news, relative to Africa. That’s us, the green one, bottom center

I don’t know the data used, but comparing that with other countries off this continent I know a little about, it feels right. It’s a responsibly managed country.

One of our issues is cash. As good as our financial performance is (Moody’s A2), that’s a reflection of a sound balance sheet, not cash on hand. And 2 of our biggest cash flow engines, diamonds and tourism, are dead in the water.

There are some good possibilities: We’re late enough in the game to perhaps get some needed external attention in the form of additional skills, equipment and charity at some point, when richer countries have come off the curve, and Santa would say we’ve been good, so deserve it.

The lockdown is severe. No leaving the house without a written permit (which you can get for an irregular and infrequent food shop, among a few other essential things). Fun fact: Sales of alcohol (socially encouraging) and tobacco (cigarettes are often shared) are illegal, and we’ve been warned those bans might last 6 months. Haha you can imagine the reaction to that.

2 days ago there was a huge screw-up. The nurse assigned to screen the MP’s (all of them) attending a government debate was tested positive. So the entire country’s MP’s, and the President, are in mandatory 14 day quarantine. That shook us up a bit.

But most of us are still mildly optimistic: It’s a peaceful country with a small population of 2.3 million people. The density is 3.97 per square kilometre, even less than Canada, at 4.07. Basically, the country is mostly the huge and arid Kalahari desert with a lush oasis, the Okavango Delta, plopped top middle. The people are largely the beautiful San tribe, the bushmen. They didn’t have to fight for independence, they were granted it.

The President, Mokgweetsi Masisi, is popular, strong, smart and honest.

Just some background.

Enough of that for today!

Another topic that’ll excite ichthyologists tomorrow.

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