micropanchax hutereaui

(from January 23, in a series)

Off we go, nets and jar.

The further you get out of Maun, the more carts like this you see

Cows asleep on the main track. Judging by the alternate track, this may be a regular occurrence, or this is this is a muddy section in the rain

It’s about a 45 minute very slow sandy drive to the Morutshe gate I use most often

Sign in

To “Sally’s Bridge”. I named it that because Sally, the sister of a friend of mine, did a strange pose here when I was taking a water level reference shot one time. The water here is mostly covered in reeds, with an open patch where trucks (who don’t trust the bridge I guess) cross

It’s here

The first thing I catch is this leech I see wiggling across the surface

There are 3 species of leech in the Delta. 2 of them prey exclusively on mollusks.

Then, after a lot of chasing, I catch this

Once again, I’m able to positively identify it by eliminating the other micropanchax in my book. They’re all fairly different. A beautiful little fish, maybe 1″ long

Then home, happy

The next fish story is an epic adventure a long way away.

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