nothobranchius capriviensis 1

I didn’t get the fish.

But I drove 3300K starting February 9ish and fish hunting for Nothobranchius capriviensis was a big part of it.

The route. Down to South Africa, up the east side of the Delta to the Caprivi Strip in Namibia, along that and down the west side of the Delta and home

If you didn’t expect Namibia to be north of Botswana as well, this explains it. It’s that bit top right

First I went to Johannesburg for business/pleasure. On my way back, crossing back into Botswana at Martin’s Drift I see my first evidence here of coronavirus. February 14, Valentine’s Day

Temperature check and papers to fill out. Personal data, places visited, next of kin, etc

Smeared out for this

Fished here unsuccessfully for an hour by the side of the road north of the border

A couple of days north to Elephant Sands, a touristy place where the cabins surround a water hole

Right in front of my cabin termites were busy ferrying vegetation down a hole, maybe 50 yards away from the nearest mound

Then up to Kasane, at the border of Namibia, Zambia, Zimbabwe and Botswana

Then the next day into Chobe National Park

We drove the riverfront from Kasane to the border at Ngomo Bridge into Namibia

It was beautiful

This elephant was annoyed at my intrusion. I have a big elephant post coming up

I suspect mother and baby

Zebra everywhere

Buffalo. You could make the egrets fly off with a toot of the horn. Sorry

Various antelope

I was in a bit of a hurry and it was slow going, so not many photos.

Next post, the main reason for the drive.

Africa today


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  1. Anonymous,

    I love your new ride! Hope you stay safe. Are you with your lovely lady?


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