Delta drive

So I set off early this morning into the Delta. With no tourism the few people there are the anti-poaching division of the Botswana Defence Force, and poachers, and 2 friends 125K NW of me today.

They have my sat phone and I got an “all well” from them this morning at 05:48:28 UTC. They’re on a once-in-lifetime epic adventure I bailed on until next year, as I sit at a desk and work with a ruler and sharp pencils on a personal project I have 2 weeks to complete. They’re here, about as exotic location as anywhere on earth

So, getting their SMS, I had to go out for the day, even without my phone.

It was beautiful around the Boro, maybe an hour into the drive

I crossed paths with wildebeest and a small trailing herd of buffalo, running together, which I’ve never seen before

And even raced an ostrich for a while. Out of focus, don’t bother clicking

So I guess the fish collecting season has started, unless they lock us down again.

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