cross border, yay

My last time out of the country was June of last year.

The land border with Namibia is open. But you need proof of a negative Covid test, taken within the last 72 hours. So here we go again, my 2nd. As my middle daughter calls it, a brain swab

That’s my friend and Dr, Lucas, btw

We’re just winding down the rainy season. The heaviest in 30 years. So still some water around

Lots of pretty flooding


And of course

And into Windhoek

Sorry, my GPS is in the truck, have to post a lo-info google map


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  1. Anonymous,

    Wow, how good to travel again, you are brave! And you are a citizen of a place called the world!
    A hug!

  2. G N Carew,

    Where is Lucinda?

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