birds and cameras

So a comment last night asked about camera or iPhone.

I ordered this and it eventually arrived. Nikon P950

I’ve seen a couple of them around. The impressive thing is the compact 2000mm telephoto, and the stabilization. For instance this is a handheld moon pic

Not awesome sharp, but pretty good. Very handy for wildlife photography around here which is why I bought it.

So here’s a pic off my deck with no zoom

And in the dead tree on the left, in the pic above, a cormorant at full zoom, which you can barely even see without it

Pretty cool, eh?

Here are more cormorants in the same tree near sundown. Spreading their wings to catch the last of the rays

Then I got the new iPhone SE as my iPhone 5c battery was dead. It’s changed my life: I take pics all the time with it. Here’s a pic from the deck of my favorite pub, which a friend of mine owns


I’ve never really cared for photography and I’m not about to start taking it seriously now. For me there are too many more interesting things to get keen about. But here in the Delta, it’s nice to be able to record certain things.

I’ve resolved to say something interesting about the birds and animals I post here since the previous 1/2 dozen posts haven’t been that interesting. Soooo, here’s the Pied kingfisher. Maun and the Delta are infested with them. It’s far from the most glamorous kingfisher here, but it has pride of place in Carl Linneaus’s 1758 book Systema Naturae. It hovers in place before diving for a target fish. Video taken form my deck in the same dead tree as the cormorant above.

This was an unexpected surprise this morning. It appeared right behind my deck when I was taking other bird pics. A Golden-tailed woodpecker. It’s small, only 4 or 5″ long. It’s also notable for defending a large territory, 10 to 15 hectares.

Because the gold doesn’t show well in the video, here’s a screen grab from another video clip that was out of focus

Go siame


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  1. Anonymous,

    Sin palabras…. que lugar tan lindo! Los pájaros mensajeros entre el cielo y la tierra…
    Gracias por compartir, Jeremy.

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