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in memory of Jeremy Guard

 Jeremy Guard

The family of Jeremy Guard is choosing to leave this blog active as a monument to all that he and Lucinda achieved on their shared round-the-world motorcycle journey. 


photo by Helge Pedersen

project 3

this is the only feature of its kind in the area, and part of the project

project 2

this is part of the same project

a project

That’s 8m x 3.6m


Lives in my truck

test 1

  1. made a promise
  2. having to do it in Chrome
  3. frog, last night in the kitchen, about 2cm


so 3

I’ve been working on a simple project here for a while. One of the 2 reasons I’ve been quiet.

Here’s the company name, after a sensible 30 seconds of sober thought in an office in downtown Maun. Not a booze/weed/can’t-remember-what-else induced catastrophic name choice at 3 in the morning like the big ARC was years ago

I kindof like it. It’s deceptively innocent.


Q: What is this?

a) a dragonfly

b) the first step in catching up on blogs?