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So there’s a guy I know very well, my age, Canadian in fact, who’s riding the same track I am. He put this together. Now, you’d have to be crazy to smoke pot in many countries. Some, like Indonesia, will send you to the big house for years. Some, like India, are more tolerant. Some (Latin America for example) you can bribe your way out of trouble if you’re carrying a small quantity. There are online travel guides.

Anyway, here’s how it went:

Comment: Incredibly fragrant and retro, though really fun. Was like the 70’s. Lots of seeds.
Source: Wandering a likely street, asking hipsters, with 3 friends after a few beers, only took 30 minutes.
Cost: Dirt cheap for a huge quantity, see below

Comment: Stems and seeds. Pretty good, though not damaging.
Source: Path of least resistance, asked a tuk tuk driver. Next day delivery.
Cost: Got ripped off, but still a small fraction of home pricing

Comment: Dryish hash. Disappointing, though adequate. Was not possible to overdo.
Source: Asked a rickshaw driver, 5 minute drive
Cost: Cheap

Cape Town
Comment: Dry, seedy, fragrant. A little went a long way.
Source: Taxi driver, next day delivery
Cost: Moderate

Comment: Despite the stems and a few seeds, this was dangerous stuff.
Source: Taxi driver, same day delivery. Apparently stolen from a government facility.
Cost: 50 rand per mini ziplock

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Random moto


So, back in Bangalore, so many posts behind, but that’s OK, because I might be back in Varanasi in a week and can flesh them out some more

But Bangalore is in the crash envelope of Tiangong-1. Not specifically, but kindof, and I don’t want it to hit my bike

Time of impact, my time, plus or minus a couple of hours

Am following live here

Edit: it’s going to miss! Here’s a more technical analysis of the (live) orbital decay. Scroll down that link to see this active tracker

WOTB, the spinners

Reddit’s countdown clock until race 1, Qatar

For 2018, my head says Marquez

My heart says Lorenzo

I had a lengthy email discussion with a friend who made an observation about the previous Motown/WOTB video. Oh well, they’re done now. One more.

Motown/WOTB #2. A fun city battle, angling intensive. Rubberband Man, The Spinners

Riding south in 2 hours.

WOTB, new theme

So we had a small screw up on our plan south and we’re here for another 24 hours.

Finally, circles a good distance apart as we hit highways to get south. I always start on a paper map

MAGA pen!

No, not true, I just said that ’cause I’m not fully emerged from being in full, 100%, troll-mode after the week’s Canada fail. It’s a pen from a.k.a. Boomerang Carnets.

Nice to get some tracks done before the biggest push yet on this leg

So, since I’m delayed a day, I needed a blog post.

So I’ve put together 3 60’s Motown/World of Tanks videos because I’m pretty sure that hasn’t been done before, lol

Tonight’s match is all about correct angling to bounce shots, and about getting shells below the curve of the lower mantle of the killer T110E3

So, video #1: Just Walk Away Renee, the Four Tops


young, charismatic

India, Calcutta

Australia, Junction

China, Kunming

Canada, Vancouver

Colombia, Medellin

LOL! (Garmin) pre-home page

Coming from the company that IMO makes total shit the shoddiest software, firmware and hardware that distance riders have no choice but to use, that’s shameless.

Just the latest example. I learned from an insider that Garmin is no longer supporting their planning software, Basecamp, and that every Mac OS upgrade is going to make it behave worse and worse until it dies. Garmin haven’t told us this. No news of a replacement.

Falcon Heavy 3

Reddit humour


A brilliant new animation showing the Tesla deployment, and the primary booster landing on OCISLY. Elon’s put a spaceman in the driver’s seat