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the sky 2

(monster post still not finished, was busy today, so this)

So, you read the post ‘the sky 1’, and know what’s coming. It’s arrived. Nice sound at 0:08

Here’s a clip from the wiki for Lusaka, the capital and central point of our next country, Zambia

So, if you look at the precipitation line, you’ll see the next three months are going to be harder. It’s a lot of rain.

I’m behind, but 7 weeks of that in Namibia was entirely my choice. I weighed the value of the staying reason versus having to ride through it.

My shaky theory is this: only in Vancouver and England does it rain/drizzle endlessly because of some reason. The rest of the world more-or-less it rains then it stops. Plus that was my experience with monsoon in Indonesia. And so here we are, hoping for predictability.

The alternative is to slow down. But I burned all my slow time allowance, from a ride point of view.

Anyway, the decision is made.

Here’s sadalmalik’s Zambia, btw